My CPA Journey
Update on Life

We are nearing the end of September. The end of the 3rd quarter, the beginning of the last testing window of 2011, my birthday, getting hopefully positive test results for my father, beginning of tax planning season, and finally the lovely cold fall weather. That last sentence was me being totally sarcastic. I know I live in the NE, but I still love the summer. I will miss the beach. Here’s to waiting 8 more months until I can stroll the beach again and work on my tan. 

My courthouse wedding was last week. Here are some pics of me and my new hubby. We did it on our own terms with the most important people in our lives, our parents. I love my husband as much as the first day I said I love you. He still warms my soul and makes me want to be a better person. Not to mention he is my rock through out this CPA process. He believes in me and that is all that matters!

I can’t wait to get our professional pictures back. After the ceremony, we went to our favorite vineyard and had photos done on the premises. I could have not asked for more. The sun was out and there was plenty of wine!

My father is gaining strength everyday from his prostectomny. However you spell it. He still has to stop at every bathroom walking through the mall, but I’d rather him do that then not have him at all. 

My 28th birthday is quickly approaching. AHHH. I set out 3 goals that I wanted to reach by the age of 25. 1-Be a CPA, 2-Buy my first car, and 3-Buy a home. I have accomplished all of the by the age 26 except the CPA part. Life has many unexpected turns, so I will let it slide until 28!

I have noticed the leaves are starting to turn, so that means fall is upon us and there are no more beach distractions! I am now fully focused on passing this exam by the end of 2011 so I can enjoy 2012. 

That is all the updating I can think of at the moment. Time to get my study schedule down and make passing happen!

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