My CPA Journey
Engagements, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and BEC, oh my!

This whole blog thing is getting harder and harder to update when I work so much and study so long that I barely have time to sleep!

So here I sit at 9pm on Saturday night, at my computer, hoping to the CPA gods that my power doesn’t shut down while I am studying this final weekend before my test. Why you ask? Oh that’s right, I have a CAT 1 hurricane coming up the coast and her name is Irene. Well, my last experience with a hurricane was 1999. His name was Floyd. It flooded my parents basement and we had no power for about 2+ days. My father made my brother and I do our homework by candle light. I think this is where I get my determination from. 

Earlier this week, I experienced my first earthquake. There was a 5.9 earthquake in VA that was felt all the way up to Canada. I was sitting in my office reviewing my monthly numbers, preparing for closing and my desk was shaking, my monitor rocking and my blinds swaying. I have never been in an earthquake and oh my it was an doosy. I was excited and nervous at the same time. 

I just hope that this world isn’t coming to an end so soon. I have to be a CPA first!

Last bit of news, is the first word of my title to this post. No, not an engagement as in an audit, review or compilation, but a marriage engagement. My boyfriend, now fiance, of 4+ years finally asked me to be his partner in crime…Becker reference, sorry. After the initial shock, I said yes. Unfortunately, I can’t start planning my wedding until after BEC.

This is my last weekend and I have spend a majority of this day/night reviewing notes! I always seem to forget to go back to my notes, so this time I figured I would review them all day and do the practice questions in the chapters. Tomorrow I plan on doing a practice test and seeing my weaknesses. Then more MCQs until bed time. 

I have work on Monday because it is closing day at my company. I do plan to leave by 5pm, instead of my normal 7pm. I will take one more practice test and then relax. 

I do hope to blog some more during the blackout period and in between wedding planning.

If you are on the East Coast, stay safe.

  1. everyrepcounts said: Congrats on the engagement and good luck on the exam. I just started studying for FAR (my first section). YIKES!
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